Toronto Airports Are Facing Massive Delays & Cancellations Today Due To Weather Conditions

Check your flight status if you are flying today!
Toronto Pearson Flight Delays & Cancellations Are Growing Due To Bad Weather

It's a grim day in the GTA, and it seems as if flights into and out of Toronto's airports are being affected by the bad weather. Multiple Toronto Pearson flight delays have been reported throughout Monday due to a mix of rain and snow falling into the city, making for slippery conditions and low visibility. The airport is advising flyers to check their flight status if they're flying anytime today or tomorrow.On Monday afternoon, Air Canada issued travel alerts for Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto, stating that flight disruptions should be expected in both Pearson and Billy Bishop Airport throughout the day. 

The airline states, "Flights may be impacted by rain, snow, and subsequent Air Traffic control restrictions."The average delay is around 30 minutes for arrivals as well as departures. However, depending on the flight, you might be waiting even longer.

One Twitter user wrote that their flight from Amsterdam to Toronto is currently looking like it will be 4 hours and 35 minutes late. You can check Toronto Pearson's arrivals and departures to see progress on the flights.The Weather Network said that although it is not a particularly snowy day, the weather is still sloppy enough to affect traffic, and air traffic is definitely hurting in and out of Toronto right now. 

Air Canada ensures that travelers affected by the alerts can make alternate arrangements without a penalty, space permitting, CTV News reports.

Both Billy Bishop and Toronto Pearson are experiencing these issues. Several flights to New York are delayed around an hour, while a flight to Cancun is currently experiencing a 5-hour delay.These are just a few of the examples of the dozens of flight cancellations and delays are starting to appear on the Pearson website. 

Temperatures are hovering near the freezing mark, and with the wet conditions, it is possible that the roads will turn icy as well as snowy.

Winter is officially here and it's showing no mercy on traffic and transportation in general.

There were lots of delays last week, too, when the first major snowfall hit us unexpectedly, wreaking much havoc in airports and on roads

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