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A Toronto Woman Died After Being Hit And Abandoned By 2 Different Vehicles On Wednesday

The second driver got out to check on her, but still left.
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A Toronto Woman Died After Being Hit And Abandoned By 2 Different Vehicles On Wednesday

Toronto saw a particularly upsetting crime on Wednesday. A female Toronto pedestrian run over twice was ultimately killed this morning. The elderly woman was hit by two different vehicles at a crosswalk and, horrifyingly, both drivers left the scene after hitting her. 

The woman, believed to be in her late 70s, was crossing the street at the crosswalk at Midland and Sheppard Avenues at around 11:30 a.m. when she was struck by the first vehicle, a fuel truck. The driver fled.

Witnesses told police that a few minutes later, a sedan was travelling in the same direction as the truck, made a right turn, and hit the woman who was already on the ground. 

This is a tragedy, there's no doubt, but what makes it so much worse is what the second driver did after hitting the woman.

"If there's a real aggravating factor, it's that the driver actually stopped, got out, looked around, got back in the car, and left," Sgt. Brett Moore with Toronto Police told Narcity.

Police have located the driver of the fuel truck, the first vehicle involved, and are investigating.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. 

"[She] was doing essentially all the right things, crossing at a crosswalk with the signal," said Moore. 

Torontonians are already fed up and angry with these incidents that seem to be happening almost daily on the city's streets.

And some, horrified by this particularly shocking episode, hope the drivers will be appropriately punished.

Moore and Toronto Police know that collisions happen sometimes. But, according to the sergeant, leaving the scene of such an incident is unacceptable.

"We know if something happens that there's a deal that [you're] not only criminally responsible to stay but socially responsible to stay and deal with it, regardless of the outcome," said Moore. "Nothing good comes by leaving."

At the time of publication, Toronto Police are still searching for the second driver. The car is believed to be a white Honda Civic or similar sedan.

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