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Toronto Police Are Getting Rid Of Strip Searches And Replacing Them With This Instead

Strip Searches, the thing you probably fear might happen to you the most when you stand in line for security at the airport. 

Yeah, no one wants to have to do that ever in their lifetime. Which is why there’s good news out there for all of us right now who don’t want to have to stand naked in front of a bunch of cops. 

Toronto Police are in the process of getting a new project up and running that would eliminate the need for strip searches.  

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Police are in the early stages of getting ready to use body scanning technology as a replacement for strip searches. 

In a news release police say, “this technology will give officers the ability to locate evidence, contraband and/or items of concern without conducting a physical strip search, otherwise known as a Level 3 search.”  

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“It allows the service to ensure the safety of everyone involved while being more sensitive to the dignity of those being searched,” the release goes on to say. 

They aren’t quite ready to actually debut the technology now but are hoping that they can start using a pilot project with it sometime in the autumn of this year.  

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Until then you’ll have to still live in fear lining up for security at the airport. 

Source: Global News

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