We're only a short 31 days away from marijuana becoming legal in Canada, but with the upcoming legalization of the controversial drug has come a lot of new laws and rules both the public and police will have the adjust to. Oddly enough, it seems that your local police are going to be tougher on you once marijuana is legalized if you smoke it in public than they ever were when it was illegal! 

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As of right now the slated rules for public consumption of marijuana come October 17th are a $1,000 fine for a first offense and a $5,000 fine for a repeat offense but no criminal record. For any angry neighbours looking to bust anyone smoking pot in their neighbourhood, it'll be a bylaw enforcement rather than a call to the police.

Though some Torontonians noticed that with the new fines coming into place for public smoking, that police will have a lot more reason to slap you with a charge than they do now. As of now with the drug not legalized and the lines blurry with marijuana's upcoming legalization, it isn't really worth going to court over the matter.

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Now that there will be distinct fines set in place and a hefty second offense one at that, police will have more incentive to go through the paces and time in court to charge you. Meaning you'll want to think twice before lighting up in a public space where it's not allowed. 

Public smoking isn't the only detail Canadians are confused about when it comes to the new rules surrounding marijuana, so it might be best to brush up on them before October comes. To learn more about how, when and where you can light up, click here!