If joining the local police force has always been your dream, now's your chance to apply. The Toronto Police Services is now hiring special constables and the salary starts at $72,000. Plus, all the education that you need to apply for the job is your high school diploma. 

Right now, the Toronto Police are looking for fulltime special constables to join their team around the Toronto area. Some key responsibilities of the role would include transporting prisoners, enforce parking laws, assisting in canvassing for information to do with evidence or missing persons, and to attend and assist at crime scenes. 

Toronto Police are expecting to hire several new candidates and state that their anticipated hire will be about 30 constables. They also state that regular full-time constables can expect to make anywhere from $72,0000 to $83,000 a year. 

While the only form of education that is officially needed for this job is an high school education or it's equivalent, there are still some other requirements that need to be met before applying. 

The Toronto Police state that those who are applying for the position should also have one year of experience working either in customer service or with the public. You should also have good computer skills. 

There are also some license and certification requirements that you should have before applying. The Toronto Police want candidates who are applying to this constable position to have a valid 'G' driver's license and have a good driving record. They also state that applicants should have a certificate in both First Aid and CPR. The candidate should also take the ATS test and gain their Special Constable Certificate.  

Of course, when working with the police force, you should also have good character. Toronto Police expect you to have good problem-solving skills, communication skills, and strong written skills. 

While these are the only requirements for the position, Toronto Police inform that the police application process can be a long and competitive one and that any additional experience and education is always preferred. 

If this job posting sounds like the perfect position for you and you meet all the requirements, you can view the full job position here. If you are selected for further consideration, you will be contacted by the Toronto Police. 

However, if this job doesn't sound like a fit for you, the Toronto Police are also hiring for a few other positions. 

The Toronto Police are also looking to hire thirty parking enforcement officers around the Toronto area. The qualifications are fairly similar to that of a constable and a high school diploma is required. If hired for this job, officers could be making around $66,000 a year. You can check out the full job posting here. 

Toronto Police are also hiring a Crime Analyst who will be responsible for the analysis of crime, traffic and business intelligence. However, this job requires a little bit more education and applicants are required to have a degree in mathematics, statistical analysis, geography or a related field. You can check out the job posting here.