Only one day after the violent roundhouse kick by Toronto hairdresser, Jordan Hunt was captured on video, another violent anti-abortion protest incident broke out at Ryerson University.READ MORE: More Details Revealed After Jordan Hunt, Toronto Protester Was Arrested For Round-House Kicking A Woman

Toronto police say they are investigating the October 1st incident, which was also captured on video and posted on YouTube by the group, Toronto Against Abortion.

Via Toronto Against Abortion | Youtube

In the footage, picketers on both sides of the protest can be seen having a heated discussion about abortion. That's when a person is seen approaching anti-abortion protesters, Blaise Alleye and Katie Somers, who are a part of Toronto Against Abortion.

They claim the attacker is Gabriela Skwarko, who they say is a member of the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective, an abortion rights advocacy group.

She becomes extremely aggressive, kicking one of Alleye's picket signs and then whipping a metal dolly at Somers. She then begins to shove Somers continually before grabbing an item from her backpack, violently throwing it to the ground and shoving her some more.

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Via Toronto Against Abortion | Youtube

“She kicked our signs, shoved them down. They fell down my leg, injuring me … And then I tried to run away, while she picked up a metal dolly and threw it at me and then proceeded to shove me, wrestle me around by my backpack and try to get me to fight her,” Somers said to Global News.

She noted that she plans to press charges against the attacker and launch a civil case.

Global News also spoke to the Ryerson Reproductive Justice Collective. While they didn't have much to say about the incident, they did claim that Toronto Against Abortion has assaulted them in the past.

So I have a friend. He is super anti abortion.Is #topoli OK with him being attacked physically?Just watched a video where:Cassandra Myers, then RSU (Ryerson Students Union) assaults him.

October 10, 2018

According to Somers, the abortion rights group has been cited by Ryerson in the past for code of conduct violations because of violence at anti-abortion rallies.

“We believe that the escalation of violence against peaceful pro-life protesters is becoming a problem and would like it to stop,” she said. “We don’t want our society to turn into a place where people are afraid to share their opinion.”

The Jordan Hunt roundhouse kick video went viral on social media and prompted tons of different reactions. The topic of protest violence is becoming huge in the city of Toronto in light of these two incidences.

Source: Youtube, Global News