With thousands of bikes stolen every year in Toronto you don't want to be taking any risks. 

Toronto Police are reminding riders that there are ways to protect your bike. They say you should always use a high quality steel lock which are harder to cut, lock both wheels of your bike to a sturdy immovable object, and finally to register your bike with Toronto Police. 

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While the last method won't necessarily stop your bike from being stolen, it will definitely make recovering it easier in the event that it is unfortunately stolen. 

Riders can register their bikes quickly and easily online. You simply fill out your personal information and provide details about your bike in the online for. The police can use that information to contact you if your bike is found and aid in their search if you report your bike as stolen. 

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The most recent data from Toronto Police shows that bike thefts are on the rise in the city. There was a massive jump from 2949 bikes that were reported stolen in 2014 to 3728 in 2016. 

Those numbers are already high, and they don't even reflect all the bike thefts in Toronto as a lot of people don't even bother reporting stolen bikes. 

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All this serves as a reminder to take care of your bike and register it with the city. If your bike is stolen rather than calling 911, you can file a report online detailing the incident and describing the bike to police.