At 5 A.M. this morning Toronto police decked out in SWAT gear executed over 50 criminal raids in the Toronto, Durham, York and Peel regions. 

The raids come as a result of a nine month targeted effort, Project Patton, which sought to take down one of the city's biggest street gangs, the Five Point Generals, which police say has had a significant impact on violent events across the city. 

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The police obtained over 50 search warrants and arrested 70 individuals affiliated with the gang who were in possession of firearms and illegal narcotics. 

Via TorontoPolice

The Five Point Generals, whose primary location is near Weston Road and Lawrence Ave. West has been linked to shootings across the GTA. 

Police Chief Mark Saunders spoke out on the police department's efforts regarding the gang at a press conference this morning. "When we talk about gun play in the city the street gangs have a massive role in that," Saunders explained. "There's no one magic pill...but this gang has had a significant impact on violent events in the city." 

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Earlier this week Saunders said he was not particularly alarmed by the uptick in gun violence as he said compared to last year that it only equated to 5 more gun incidents per month. 

Police expect to release further details about the raid later this week. 

Source: CTV News