Some residents on Bathurst and Front in Toronto witnessed quite a police chase from their balconies on Sunday evening. About a dozen officers were filmed chasing a man who had reportedly been wielding a massive knife. During the Toronto Police chase, a video shows a police cruiser hitting the suspect as they attempt to flee the scene. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

According to a Toronto Police news release, police responded to a call on Sunday at 6:09 pm after there were reports of a robbery at knifepoint near Bathurst St. and King St. W. When officers arrived on the scene, the suspect fled, sparking a pursuit. It was then captured on video from residents of the condos in the area. The videos show a dozen officers attempting to apprehend the suspect, who persistently tries to flee. When they manage to surround him, he continues to try and escape, at which point a police cruiser drives up to stop him, and appears to hit the suspect. The video shows that the initial hit didn't appear to debilitate the man, however, and he continued to run. Police confirmed that they did make an arrest.

The suspect, along with an officer, were sent to the hospital with injuries, according to the news release. 

According to a witness who spoke to CTV News, the man was yelling that he had mental health issues. The witness, Emily Loucks, stated that “the police officer hit him with the front of his vehicle, and then ran him over with his front tire. And that’s when he finally went down and the weapon he was holding, which was a huge knife, went flying.”

Loucks said they heard the man screaming, “I don’t know what was happening. I don’t know what I was doing. I have mental health.”

Witnesses also reported that the man had been tazed."There was a guy with a knife running down Bathurst, he got tazed a gew times but kept running down Front St.," one twitter user wrote

The SIU has confirmed that they are now investigating the incident. "We’ve learned that the man sustained a serious injury during his interaction with police officers today. As such, the SIU has invoked its mandate," the agency said in a statement to CP24.