Earlier today ISIS sent out a statement claiming responsibility for the mass shooting on the Danforth this past weekend.

ISIS often take claim for incidents of mass violence whether they did them or not as a way of boosting their image.

Toronto's police have now responded to the reports that the 29-year-old shooter was an ISIS member. 

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Chief Mark Saunders spoke on behalf of Toronto’s police force saying, "at this stage, we have no evidence to support these claims."

The statement put out by ISIS today said that 29-year-old Faisal Hussain "was a soldier of the Islamic State and carried out the attack in response to calls to target the citizens of the coalition countries."  

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ISIS did not provide any proof for the claim. 

Police though say they have nothing to suggest that that is in anyway true at the moment though and that they are continuing to investigate for a motive.

"We will continue to explore every investigative avenue including interviewing those who knew Mr. Hussain, reviewing his online activity, and looking into his experiences with mental health," said Saunders. 

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There was some speculation that Hussain was a member of a terrorist organization after police confirmed that he was known to them prior to the shooting for what they called "online activity."    

Police have not said what the "online activity" was or when they became aware of Hussain. 

Federal Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has said that Hussain was not on any federal watchlists.  

Source: CBC