A Toronto police constable has been suspended without pay after being convinced of sexually assaulting his wife's teenage sister. The victim, who was 15 when the assaults happened, told the courts that there were multiple incidents.

The officer was married to the teen's older sister, and assaulted her on two separate occasions, once in March 2016 and then again a few months later, in July.

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The officer was charged in September 2016, but remained on paid leave for more than a year. According to reports, the officer was on the police service's payroll until June 2018, when he was finally convicted and sentenced to prison time. 

The victim said that both assaults happened in the middle of the night, on the living room couch at her older sister and the officer's home. Worried about upsetting him, the victim claimed she pretended to sleep when he approached. She says she could "hear sound of the officer masturbating." When she pretended to wake up, the officer claimed he was "cleaning up."

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The teen victim reportedly told the courts that the officer took photos of her while she pretended to be asleep. "She also felt the officer touch her head and hand with his penis. She heard the officer wipe the couch, and believed he could be cleaning up ejaculate."

The officer has since stated that he is divorcing his wife, who is also the mother of their daughter. The officer apologized for his actions in court, but denied "doing anything like that" to his wife's younger sister. 

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"I didn't even know what happened," he said. "It destroyed me. … I'd never ever do anything like that." It was clear that the officer felt guilty, but couldn't bring himself to say what he felt guilty for.

The officer's name and identity is protected under a publication ban.

Source: CBC