Two Toronto police officers made a little girl's dream come true. The young girl, whose dream is to become a police officer, was assigned by her teacher to give a presentation on the Toronto Police Force. But, after growing nervous at the thought of having to stand in front of her class, our boys in blue stepped in to help her out.

Ashton Fernandes and Peter Arvanites, two Auxiliary members with the 42nd and 43rd Divisions, volunteered to help little Mariah Belliveau with her presentation after they heard about the young girl's dilemma from her aunt.

“She discussed this concern with me and wished that the police could be there with her at school to make her feel comfortable,” explained the girl’s mother, Jessica Gallie-Belliveau to TPS News. “I talked to my sister about the situation and it so happened she is good friends with an Auxiliary member.”

.@TorontoPolice Auxiliary Officers bring school presentation to life for Grade One student helping her overcome fear of speaking in front of her class

March 8, 2019

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The two Auxiliary members stood beside Mariah as she gave her presentation, holding her project for her so that her class could see. The members even chimed in when Mariah got stuck and helped her explain to her classmates the role of officers within the Toronto Police Force:

“They answered questions, gave advice and told their stories on how they became Auxiliary members. My daughter felt like the coolest girl in the world, and she will hold this beautiful memory in her heart forever. Those Auxiliary members went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable and confident during her first nerve-wracking presentation,” gushed Gallie-Belliveau about the kind gesture.

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Fernandes and Arvanitis, who are good friends outside of the force, showed their true Canadian spirit with their heartwarming team up to help a little girl in need. Small moments like these are what makes the world a better place.