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Toronto Police Are Blitzing The City This Week As Reckless Driving Continues To Spike

Expect to see more officers on the 6ix streets.
Toronto Police Stunt Driving Ticket Surge Forces Officers To Take A Harder Stance

Toronto's stunt drivers aren't stopping. Despite the crackdown on various crimes during this pandemic, Toronto Police stunt driving tickets last month were up nearly 200% compared to the same period of March last year. In response, TPS is ready to flood the 6ix streets with more officers cracking down on driving offences.

A report last month suggested Toronto's drivers were taking advantage of the newly-empty roads to drive recklessly.

And new data from Toronto Police reports that stunt driving charges between March 15 and March 30 this year were nearly 200% up from the same two-week period in 2019.

Meanwhile, there was also a 35% jump in speeding tickets compared to last year.

“Taking advantage of low traffic volumes by speeding or stunt driving is not only illegal but threatens the lives of those around you and places an unnecessary pressure on our healthcare system," said Toronto Mayor John Tory via a city statement.

To crack down on these offences, officers from TPS' Vision Zero Enforcement Team will start patrolling the streets much more, starting this week.

In particular, they will be looking for drivers dabbling in ill-advised speeding and stunt driving.

“Our officers will be focused on stopping those drivers who are speeding or stunt driving and making our streets unsafe for other users," said Toronto Police Service Chief Mark Saunders via the statement.

As for an extra set of eyes, the red light cameras in the city remain active and are ready to ticket drivers who are caught in the act not following traffic signals out in the 6ix.

Back in March, a group of drivers were caught speeding up to 171 kilometres per hour in one of Toronto's streets.

At that time, Toronto Police told Narcity that low traffic can go hand in hand with the high number of stunt driving charges they had laid out. 

It seems to have proven to be the case, judging by these new stats.

Toronto Police have been issuing hundreds of tickets in the past few weeks, both regarding driving and other offences.

They have also been clamping down on enforcing social distancing measures with fines of up to $5000 across the city, on roads and in parks.

So, if you're heading out for a drive any time soon, don't forget to not only follow health advice but also watch that speedometer.

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