A GTA Man Actually Pulled Out A Gun While Handcuffed In The Back Of A Police Car (VIDEO)

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A GTA Man Actually Pulled Out A Gun While Handcuffed In The Back Of A Police Car (VIDEO)

As situations go, this is a scary one. A full investigation is being conducted after a handcuffed man was able to pull out a handgun while in the back of a Toronto Police cruiser on October 27. This whole incident was caught on a Toronto Police video which shows the man placing the gun on his lap before it falls onto the car floor.

According to the Toronto Police news release, officers had responded to a radio call warning of an impaired driver in The Esplanade area of Toronto on Sunday evening.

The officers were able to locate 38-year-old Ali Showbeg, of Mississauga, sitting in the driver's seat of the car. After they conducted their investigation, they also did a pat-down, a common practice by officers. Showbeg was then handcuffed and arrested for alcohol-related offences, according to the release.

But the video, leaked to the public, shows a hugely dangerous situation unfold.

Showbeg moves his arms to his right, pulling out a handgun and sliding it down to his legs. The officers driving actually heard something hit the floor in the back seat and stopped to open the back door. There, they discovered the semi-automatic pistol on the floor in front of the man.

The firearm was ultimately secured by police but, unsurprisingly, an additional search was done and Showbeg was brought to the police station for breath tests and processing.

Showbeg faces nine criminal charges including eight firearm-related offences, according to Toronto Police.

"The safety of our officers and the public is of paramount importance to the Toronto Police Service," said Chief Mark Saunders in the news release.

"Our officers face risks every day in their jobs. In this case, a call for a suspected impaired driver resulted in multiple firearm-related charges against an individual who allegedly concealed the firearm during his arrest by police."

"The officers conducted a search of the accused and the gun was not detected. The incident is under investigation to assess if this is a training or disciplinary matter."

Chief Saunders also explained that a full investigation into the video leak will also be carried out, as it is a breach of police protocol and procedure, according to the news release.

Meanwhile, Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack told CP24 that it's customary during impaired driving investigations to carry out a "level 2" search, described by McCormack as a "cursory pat-down."

"Whether (Showbeg) had that in their groin area or whatever, an area we may not be patting down," he said. "I don't want to get into the specifics of how we conduct investigations but it would not necessarily be uncommon that this would be missed because of the size and the location."

A full investigation into both the incident and the video leak is underway.

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