Drivers and pedestrians in downtown Toronto were re-routed due to the danger of bottles being thrown off of a condo balcony.

UPDATE: Four individuals have now been charged for their alleged involvement in the incident. 

EARLIER: Toronto Police posted a tweet just before 3:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon warning residents that the York Street and Lake Shore Boulevard intersection posed "significant danger" to pedestrians. 

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According to the tweets, Toronto Police received several reports of a large gathering in a condo unit overlooking the intersection.

A spokesperson for the TPS told Narcity that officers saw a bottle being thrown and striking the sidewalk, but police say no injuries have been reported.

TPS later tweeted that they had entered the condo and were investigating 14 people.

According to police, York Street is closed to drivers until photographs are taken and clean-up is completed. Until then, drivers should use alternate routes.

The city of Toronto is no stranger to flying objects — "Chair Girl" Marcella Zoia pleaded guilty to "mischief endangering life" after throwing a chair off her balcony in February 2019.