With Pride weekend kicking off on Friday, the city of Toronto has a variety of Pride events that will be taking place all over the city, including the well-anticipated Pride parade. Yet, with the event drawing in crowds of people and taking up streetways, commuters may want to give themselves some extra time this weekend if they are planning on navigating city streets. Due to Pride, multiple Toronto road closures will be in effect throughout the weekend. 

For the entire weekend, Pride's Festival Footprint will be closing down roads from 6 AM on Friday until 6 AM on Monday. According to the City of Toronto, some of the road closures that you can expect to see from Festival Footprint will border the area of Bloor Street East, Yonge Street, Church Street, and Dundas Street East.  

On Friday, the Trans Pride March will also be implementing a bunch of full and rolling road closures between 10 AM and 9:30 PM which will include Bloor Street East, Carlton Street, Church Street, Hayden Street, Isabella Street, and Yonge Street. 

Heading into the weekend, a few more road closures are expected to take place. The Pride & Remembrance Run will be closing roads between 8 AM until 12:30 PM on Saturday and will be affecting areas around Wellesley Street and Queen's Park Cresent. 

The Dyke March will also be taking place on Saturday and rolling road closures are expected to last from 5 AM until 9 PM. Hayden Street, Church Street, St. Mary's Street, Yonge Street, and Carlton Street are some of the main roads that will be affected throughout this march. 

Of course, on Sunday the Pride Parade will be taking place throughout the city. As the city gathers together for this parade, road closures will be put in place from 5 AM until 9 PM. Some of the main roads that will be impacted by this parade are Bloor Street East, Church Street, Dundas Street, Victoria Street, and Yonge Street. 

Those who are heading out throughout this weekend are encouraged to take public transit to get to their destinations, especially within the areas that Pride events are taking place. 

If you are choosing to drive within these areas this weekend, make sure to give yourself a lot of extra time to get to your destination. 

To view a complete list of road closures for this weekend, make sure to visit the City of Toronto's website here.