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Toronto Queen Streetcars Are Set To Be Out Of Service Into December

Replacement transit can be a horror story for commuters, particularly in a city like Toronto. Since November 27, the Toronto Queen streetcars have been pulled off the route and replaced with buses and that's set to continue. But in a surprising twist, some commuters think things are going better with the buses.

It seems like everyone is confused as to how over two dozen streetcars got damaged enough to take them off the road. And that's including the TTC itself.

"It is fair to say it's a mystery. Our streetcar crews … are all a bit perplexed as to what caused this," TTC spokesperson Stuart Green told the Toronto Star.

What we know so far is that the older streetcars have faced brake damage and were pulled off the streets on November 27.

And a statement posted by Green on Twitter on Thursday afternoon confirmed that the plan is for the buses to continue in service until Monday, December 2.

A photo shared earlier on Thursday by the Star's Ben Spurr shows the damage the streetcars have suffered, and it looks pretty extensive.

The heavy metal piece that is shown fractured in Spurr's photo actually drops onto the tracks in a "hard-braking" situation, according to the Star.

Green said that in some cases, the component has been completely knocked off. In others, it is still intact enough to carry out repairs.

Green shares that crews are currently inspecting the tracks but the main Queen street route has passed the inspection.

There have been plenty of disgruntled commuters displeased at the unfortunate situation.

But another pattern to emerge on social media has been Torontonians suggesting that transit is actually running more smoothly with the replacement buses in place.

"Make bus replacements permanent," campaigned one user.

Well, for the time being, the route will serve the replacement buses until a cause is found and the streetcars can be fixed.

The CLRVs are heading into retirement next month so let's hope we can still enjoy them until they're gone for good.

For now, though, it's bus time on Queen Street.

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