11 Raccoons Had To Be Evicted From A Toronto Home After Breaking In (VIDEO)

A bunch of trash pandas snuck into somebody's home.
Toronto Raccoons Had To Be Removed From A Home After Breaking In (VIDEO)

If you live in the 6ix, chances are you’re aware that we share our city with a population of Toronto raccoons. These little critters are typically only active during the nighttime. However, some have grown so used to humans that they’ll risk contact with us. Multiple Torontonians have spotted more than a few raccoons casually strolling around near Union Station during the day, which just proves how much these animals have evolved to the hustle and bustle of city life.

Despite our somewhat budding relationship with these creatures, we still don’t want them in our house, especially not when it comes to an entire family of the bandits. 

A recent video showcased a group of trash pandas' most recent eviction and caught the eye of Torontonians after it was posted on YouTube on December 19th, 2019.

In the clip, a group of raccoons can be seen huddled together for warmth inside the residence before being given the boot.

According to City News, the small army of raccoons was discovered by construction workers, who called Gates Wildlife Services to remove them.

In the video, the lazy animals have to be poked by Gates Wildlife Field Supervision repeatedly, before they slowly begin to make their way-out front door.

In a way, it’s hard not to feel for the masked intruders in the video as they are slowly pushed out the front door. I mean, nobody likes to be woken up, epically when you’re in the middle of a good cuddle.

A total of 11 raccoons are suspected of slipping into the house, which is currently under construction, via its back door which was reportedly left open overnight.

Unsurprisingly, incidents of raccoons breaking into homes in Toronto are relatively common.

The 6ix was even revealed to be the raccoon capital of the world back in 2018, which of course, scored us a now-infamous cameo appearance in BBC’s Planet Earth 2.

Yes, our relationships with these furry little city dwellers can be complicated at times, but co-existing is never easy.

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Patrick John Gilson
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