A Woman Was Filmed Yelling Racist Slurs At Toronto Students This Morning (VIDEO)

This is disgraceful.
Toronto Racism Video Shows Woman Screaming Slurs At York University Students

Toronto, as with every city, sees a lot of the best and worst in people. Falling firmly into the "worst" category is this woman. On November 18, a Toronto racism video caught York University students being subjected to racist slurs while waiting at a bus stop on a Monday morning.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article and video include explicit language and racial slurs. 

On Monday, November 18, a video recorded by recent York grad Sufyaan Dayani was posted to Reddit in the r/yorku subreddit.

The eight-second video shows a woman sticking her head out the window yelling discriminatory words.

"Fucking nasty" and "get the fuck out of our country!" can be heard as the woman actually slows to a stop in front of the bus stop in order to get her insults heard.

Dayani told Narcity: "Other bystanders were also waiting for this bus to go their jobs/school. This woman pulls up, literally stops in the middle of the street, and starts yelling at the bus stop."*

The incident was completely unprovoked, Dayani says.

"She cussed and said things like 'go back home you fucking Pakis and Indians', 'get out of our country you nasty trash fucks'."

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"When people behind her were honking for her to move forward, she didn't stop. She kept yelling 'til she saw my phone come out of my pocket. That's when she got a bit scared and started to drive off."

The incident occurred at 8:30 a.m. on Monday morning. Those at the bus stop seem to pay her no mind, besides the person filming the video. Huge credit should go to them for that lack of response, we say.

It was certainly an ordeal for the students, and something nobody should have to listen to.

Dayani explained why he shared the video online.

"I want to let people know that Canada is not at all a 'racist-free' country," he adds. "I'm pretty used to facing these kinds of things on a monthly basis."

"We need to start accepting the bitter truth about racism in Canada and how many of us still face the daily struggle of being brown."

Naturally, the video has disgusted viewers.

People have shared their comments in regards to the shocking video.

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It's great to see people condemning the woman and her comments, but the sad reality is that this is what many people in Toronto and beyond face on a daily basis.

It's far from the first time something like this has been caught on camera, either.

Back in August, a Toronto woman was filmed yelling racial slurs and spitting at people outside City Hall while carrying a pro-Andrew Scheer sign.

And arguably this month's biggest story in Canada, the firing of Don Cherry, has stirred the storm to new levels.

*This article has been updated.

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