Meet Gunnar Garfors - the ultimate world traveller. He’s been to every country on Earth. All 198 of them. He also documented his experiences in a book which he rightly titled as 198: How I Ran Out of Countries. Bucket list achieved indeed.

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In his recent article on Thrillist, Garfors ranked 20 of his personal favourite cities. His rankings are based on the culture, food, people and fun activities that each city has to offer. Toronto itself made his list, clinching the #2 spot. Here’s what Garfors had to say about it:

Canadians are too polite and humble to admit it, but that might be exactly what makes them, and their cities, so cool. Vancouver and Montreal have captured the spotlight over the last few years, but Toronto should get top billing. Sure, it can’t compete with the scenery of the western city or the French influence of the river island, but it has soul. And you have to carefully explore, dig, and venture into the unknown to find those hidden treasures. Tiny shops sell tomorrow’s coolest new hobbies, bars ooze hipness, and the chic hotels are too trendy for the travel mags to keep up with. Unwrapping Toronto might be hard work, but it’s anything but boring.

Photo cred - Twitter

A pretty spot on description of T.O., right? I think so, at least. The reason why I fell in love with the city is because it has so much character; from its myriad of hidden gems to its fascinating historical remnants. Every day has something new in store.

Other top cities in Garfors’ list include Berlin (#5), Cape Town (#4), London (#3) and Seoul (#1). You can check out the full list of cities and descriptions here.