The Raptors have proven time and time again this season that they are trailblazers and definitely a team to watch. Although some have thought that the Warriors for sure had the NBA series in the bag and seen the Raptors as underdogs, the Toronto franchise has shown win after win that they are definitely capable of taking home the championship. So what are the Toronto Raptors chances of winning the NBA finals against the Warriors? Now, forecasts are predicting that the Canadian team has a better odds than the longstanding California champs. 

Tonight marks Game 4 of the NBA finals. SportsCenter took to Twitter today to broadcast to its 35 million followers that the Raptors now have a higher chance at taking home the championship than the Golden State Warriors. We could not be more excited about this! 

"The Raptors (-115) are now favored over the Warriors (-105) to win the NBA Finals, according to Caesars Sportsbook," reads the tweet from SportsCenter. "This marks the 1st time since May 2016 that Golden State did NOT have the best odds to win the title."

It's not just SportsCenter saying this, but other NBA analysts as well. According to SportsNet, the Raptors have a 55-percent chance of beating the Warriors for the championship title.

The Raptors have been absolutely killing it on the courts, with stars like Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green delivering an insane amount of points each game. The Warriors on the other hand, have had several star players sit out games due to injuries – Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.

After learning that Kevin Durant would be out again for Game 4 tonight due to his injuries, Raptors fans were already convinced that the game was won.

Even the majority of America is cheering for the Raptors over the Warriors. According to SportsCenter, it's been several years since the Warriors didn't have the highest chance of claiming the championship. Well it's time to move over Warriors, because the Raptors are here to take the title. If the Raptors win, they will be the first Canadian team to ever win the series.

Make sure to tune in to Game 4 tonight at 9 PM ET to watch the Raptors take on the Warriors. The Toronto franchise needs just two more wins to secure the championship.