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A New Toronto Raptors Jersey Just Leaked & It Looks Nothing Like We've Seen Before

The jersey has Drake's influence written all over it.

It looks like the latest Toronto Raptors jersey isn’t exactly a hit with fans, and it hasn’t even technically been released yet. Several NBA teams got ahead of the curve this Wednesday by releasing their new 2019-2020 city edition jerseys. However, Toronto was notably absent from this push, that is until someone took matters into their own hands and leaked the jersey, or at least it seems like they did.

The leaked Raptors jersey looks mostly like a tribute to Drake, but with a slight nod to their original 1995 design. It's a good combo, especially when you consider that the team is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary season — bring on the nostalgia — and the fact that Drizzy, like him or not, has done a lot to bring the team into the mainstream.

The black jersey with gold lettering is something unlike the other uniforms that the players have been sporting. 

The jerseys aren’t the only bit of Raptors scheming that was leaked this year. The team’s 1995 revival court also began circulating online a few months before the team officially announced its 95 rewind nights.

The team will be transporting their fans back to the early days of the franchise throughout six dates this season.

Raptors fans even get to see their favourite players wear the classic white and purple dinosaur jerseys this year, something very different from this dark black one that has just been leaked. 

The city edition jersey sparked a mixed reaction from fans online, with some even going as far as to straight-up trash the jersey.

“Why does every special edition jersey look like something a 4-year-old designed,” wrote one unimpressed fan.

“These jerseys get worse every day,” added another equally disappointed fan.

Still, others praised the jersey for being the best of the bunch. "Raptors got the best jerseys in the game tbh," wrote one excited user. 

It's worth noting that the Raptors have yet to release their new jersey officially.

However, given the growing trend of teams releasing their designs today, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the team put theirs out sooner than later.

Although if the backlash keeps up, they may want to hold off and spend some more time at the drawing board.

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