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Toronto Raptors' COVID-19 Self-Isolation Includes A Home Gym For Serge Ibaka

Being stuck in your home for 14 days sounds rough. Unfortunately, that's the situation facing many people right now, including the Toronto Raptors, after the team was exposed to COVID-19. While test results have come back negative for the team, the players are still isolated in their homes and finding fun ways to stay entertained. 

For the team's centre, Serge Ibaka, this involves staying in shape. 

The player took to social media on Saturday to share his self-quarantine setup and it includes a makeshift weight room. 

"For the next 14 days I can't go out, in the meantime, I have to stay in shape," he said in a video. "So to stay in shape I made my little gym here." 

He then flips the camera to show off a whole collection of equipment including weights, a stationary bike and a box with the iconic Raptors logo on the side of it. 

He concludes by saying "that's all I need, man." 

In the caption shared along with the video he wrote "built my own little gym at home during the self quarantine... need to stay in shape! I hope everyone is staying safe, following the experts advise and keeping positive and calm." 

The video was also posted on the Toronto Raptors's Twitter account where they captioned it "Introducing 'How H̶u̶n̶g̶r̶y̶ Bored Are You.' Episode 1: Ma Fuzzy Home Gym." 

The title is a spin-off of Ibaka's online series where he made interesting dishes for his friends and teammates to taste. 

Fans were especially concerned about the Toronto centre when news first broke about Rudy Gobert, of the Utah Jazz, testing positive for COVID-19. 

Just two days before the test results came in the Raptors went up against the Jazz and Ibaka was responsible for guarding Gobert, putting the two players in very close proximity all evening. 

Fortunately, the Toronto team confirmed Saturday morning that so far all their tests for the virus have come back negative. 

Despite the results, the team said in a statement that their players and staff, who have been asked to self-isolate, will continue to do so. 

The NBA suspended their season on March 11 until further notice. 

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