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John Tory Just Challenged All Of Toronto To "Light Up The Streets" For The Raptors Tomorrow

The city is going to turn into a sea of red and black tomorrow.
John Tory Just Challenged All Of Toronto To "Light Up The Streets" For The Raptors Tomorrow

Throughout the Toronto Raptors playoff run, Mayor John Tory has proven that he is a huge fan of the team. Whether he's showing up at Jurassic Park in a flashy Raptors logo blazer or showing his love on social media the Mayor undoubtedly adores the Raps. His most recent show of support comes today as the Toronto Raptors final has inspired a new challenge from John Tory. In celebration of Game 1 tomorrow, John Tory has tweeted out asking Torontonians to "light up the streets."

In a country where marijuana has been legalized saying light up the streets can have a lot of different meanings, but rest assured Tory isn't suggesting people actually light up tomorrow. In his tweet, he goes on to say that people should wear Raptors colours tomorrow "to show our support for Canada's team."

The challenge and the phrasing of "light up the streets" are inspired by the fact that in celebration of the Raptors winning the Eastern Conference Championship, the official Toronto sign was lit up in red and black on Sunday. Now, Tory announced that the sign will be donning Raptors colours again tomorrow for Game 1 and this time he wants the entire city to join in. 

Torontonians, and honestly people all across Canada, are encouraged to wear Raptors colours and fortunately for you, there are a lot of options! The main Raptors colours are usually white, red and black, however, there are others as well. For instance, the jersey that Drake helped design has gold on it so you could wear that colour tomorrow too. 

You could even wear the colour purple since that's the OG team colour. Back when the Raptors first formed in the 1990s, one of their first logos was this wild dinosaur with accents of purple and red. The team even had purple jerseys at one point, which weren't super popular with fans. However, if you want to go retro with your Raptors love then purple is the way to go. 

Of course, if you truly want to take John Tory up on his challenge and "light up the streets" then red and black are going to be your best bet, since that's how the Toronto sign will be lit up tomorrow. 

Game 1 is against the Golden State Warriors and will tip off in Toronto at 9 PM ET. 

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