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The Leafs Showed Up To The Raptors Game Last Night & Fans Think They Cursed The Team

Matthews and Anderson are taking some heat over the loss.

The Drake Curse? More like the Leafs Curse. At least, that’s what some Toronto Raptors fans were claiming last night. Toronto was struck down 119-109 in a heated game against the Houston Rockets on Thursday night, marking their second loss in a row since their record-breaking winning streak was ended by the Heat earlier this week.

The loss was a hard pill to swallow for fans who are looking for answers as to why their champions are slipping and some of them think the Maple Leafs are to blame.

Auston Matthews and Fredrick Anderson were spotted sitting courtside at last night’s game.

It should’ve been a sweet moment for fans to see their fellow sports stars out to show their support.

However, the loss combined with the bizarre fact that Leafs haven’t won the Stanley Cup since 1967, had some more superstitious fans blaming the passing of the “Leafs curse” as the reason for the Raptors loss.

Some fans even going as far as to warn the players not to come back.

“That’s why we’re losing,” wrote one spooked fan.

“Leafs cursed,” added another.

So, what the real reason behind the loss? Is it really some kind of dark magic?

Doubtful, the Raptors tried to double-down on Houston’s star player James Harden last night, it worked, but they failed to realize that his teammates were picking up his slack before it was too late.

However, despite the fans having some superstitions about the Leafs ruining the game, the Raptors seemed to be pretty happy to see the players showing their support. 

In a Tweet by the Raptors, a photo of Matthews and Anderson watching the game was posted with the caption, "Got some family in the house."

It also seems that some key players of the Raptors also didn't blame the hockey duo.  

"If we would have scored 11 more points, we'd be geniuses, and the defence was the best thing in the world, and we'd be Harden-stoppers."

"But we lost, and so it didn't work. So, we go back to the drawing board and lace them up again. We've got a tough team on Sunday,” stated Fred VanVleet to TSN.

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