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Toronto's Mayor Says The City Has A "File" On What To Do If The Raptors Win The Championship

The "file" contains coveted celebratory plans.
Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto's Mayor Says The City Has A "File" On What To Do If The Raptors Win The Championship

Today is truly a special day for Toronto, and every Raptors fan in the country can feel the magic - the Toronto Raptors game tonight could make history. The anticipation of the Raptors' Game 5 face off against the Golden State Warriors at Scotiabank Arena tonight can already be felt city-wide. Fans are bracing themselves for an unbelievable game, ending in a win for Canada's home team. As for the post-game celebrations, apparently, the city has a file for that. 

According to CP24, Mayor John Tory claims that there is a file that city officials keep, a document that contains coveted celebratory plans for the city if the Raptors ever won an NBA championship.

If the Raptors win tonight, it’ll be the first time that Toronto has clinched a major league sports championship since 1993, when the Blue Jays went all the way. So, I think it’s safe to say that these files have been put away for a very long time. Tory has kept pretty quiet about the specifics of the so-called “file," which only makes us want to know what’s inside of it even more.

If Toronto does take home the title, the city will host its first-ever NBA championship parade. At these parades, winning teams typically travel around the city via buses or limos with the championship trophy, making frequent stops to interact with fans. The average turnouts for NBA championship parades are also pretty spectacular. For example, the Golden State Warriors parade back in 2018 saw over a million fans turn out to celebrate the team.

“We have a file. We have had Stanley cup parades here – not for a while – we have had MLB world series parades, we have had TFC and Grey Cup parades, so there is a file. What you do is get that file out when we win and have a look at it at that time,” he said to CP24.

“I am sure that those who maintain that file and keep it their file drawer will have appropriate arrangements made to make sure that we can celebrate the success of our Raptors.”

Tory’s own passion for the Raptors has really come to light over the last couple of weeks with the mayor often showing up at Jurassic Park wearing a Don Cherry-esque suit to represent the team and celebrate with fans:

The real question is, though, is John Tory a Raptors bandwagoner or a die-hard fan? Well, considering the fact that Tory agreed to step down from his job as mayor if Kawhi Leonard agreed to stick around for another season, I would say he’s about as hardcore as fans get.

    Patrick John Gilson
    Toronto Staff Writer
    Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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