The Internet Is Outraged Over The Canadian Anthem Performance At The Raptors Game Last Night

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The Internet Is Outraged Over The Canadian Anthem Performance At The Raptors Game Last Night

Game 3 of the NBA finals is officially underway and there was already drama before the game started, and it had to do with the national anthems. Right now, the Internet is outraged and everyone is sharing how much they hated the Toronto Raptors game's Canadian national anthem performance tonight. Here’s why no one is happy.

As of publication time, Game 3 of the Warriors versus the Raptors is underway. Opening up the game was the singing of both the U.S. and Canadian national anthems. 

Representing Canada this time was Weyburn, Saskatchewan-born singer Tenille Arts. She is known for being a country music star.

According to her Twitter account, she is the proud artist that was honoured to represent our nation by singing O’Canada. 

While she had more guts than any of us to go up there and sing, people hated it. Sports watchers have been so outraged by the performance that they have taken to Twitter to show their hate.

Many people are complaining that the anthem was absolutely butchered during the performance. While the average person may cut the singer some slack due to the stress of it all, the Internet isn’t exactly known to spare feelings. 

People are saying that this woman should never sing the national anthem again. Another Twitter user one-uped that and said she should never sing again! 

The bold statements don’t stop there. One pretty rough tweet stated that she should have her Canadian citizenship revoked. 

One person even called it the worst version of the Canadian national anthem in to play at the NBA! 

It wasn’t just the Canadian national anthem that people were angry with. Many sports watchers are also calling out the American national anthem that was sung, oddly enough, by Metallica. 

One person pointed out that since Metallica got to perform for the U.S. then we should have had Nickleback. 

People are calling both anthems a joke, saying that they are a disgrace and disrespectful to both countries. 

Love it or hate it, it happened. Now, let’s move on and focus on the game. 

Stephanie Hilash
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