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Toronto Raptors' Halloween Costumes Were Next Level This Year (PHOTOS)

There are two great things about Halloween as an adult. The first is dressing up like you did when you were a kid, and the second is continuously refreshing your favourite celebrities Instagrams to see what they dressed up as. Thankfully, the Toronto Raptors' Halloween costumes did not disappoint this year. A handful of the team's roster was spotted out at Casa Loma Haunted House on Thursday night, and they went all out on their outfits!

Kyle Lowry and his wife Ayahna Cornish-Lowry showed up dressed as an old-school horror power couple. Lowry could've been anybody from Dracula to a swagged out Zombie, while his wife was rocking those classic Mummy vibes.

Fred VanVleet and his girlfriend Shontai Neal, on the other hand, went with a more adorable approach, dressing up like Fred and Wilma Flintstone, or as he will be known from now on, Fred VanVleetstone.

Other Raptors such as Terrance Davis and Stanley Johnson decided to go solo with their Halloween costumes. Davis dressed up as the Joker, expect not the Joaquin Phoenix version, to be honest, the player looked more like demonic jester than a Joker, but the playing card says it all.

Johnson appears to have gone deep with his costume. My best guess is that he is either a mechanic or a guy-version of the “We can do it!” girl.

The Raptors released a short video montage of players making their way through a haunted house. A few other Raptors can be spotted in costume during the brief clip as they do their best not to appear frightened on camera.

A plain-clothed Serge Ibaka pops in the video a few times, looking like a man on the edge, which is honestly probably the highlight of the whole thing. Stay strong, Serge, stay strong.

Just like the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Raptors went all out this year. None of them came as the 'Kawhactus', though, which is a shame.

Unsurprisingly, the NBA Champions also managed to make their way onto a few pumpkins this year. Anyone who can carve a picture-perfect VanVleet onto a Jack-o-Lantern has my most profound respect.

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