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Toronto Has A New Anthem For The Raptors & People Think It's Hilarious (VIDEO)

The Raptor Foot will have you stomping for those three-pointers!
Toronto Has A New Anthem For The Raptors & People Think It's Hilarious (VIDEO)

A Raptors fan just released a new song and dance for the team that is as weird as it is catchy. A Toronto reggae artist dropped a new "Raptor Foot" anthem for the Toronto Raptors and people think it's hilarious. The full-length song that captivated Toronto fans on Twitter back in May was officially released via Soundcloud this Friday in honor of the Raptors ongoing bout against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Fans of the Raptors instantly took to the song with some even going as far as to recreate the chant with their own version.

“Raptor Foot” first became a part of Toronto’s zeitgeist after CTV Reporter Sean Leathong captured the song’s creator, General Genius on the corner of University and Front ahead of the team’s Game 1 face off against the Golden State Warriors.

In the short clip, the reggae artist can be seen chanting “Raptor Foot!” while doing a weird little stomp. That’s all it took for Genius to make headlines and ultimately become inspired to record the song professionally.

The full-length studio version of “Raptor Foot” is hot off the presses being released on SoundCloud just hours ago. Anyone who is curious to hear how the song sounds with a professional makeover should check it below:

Raptor fans couldn’t get enough of the chant, with some even making a meme out of the weird jig:

However, the fans who took the chant and made their own versions really highlighted how much of an impact the song has made in such a short period of time:

According to a report by Toronto Now, General Genius, whose real name is Bob Turner, has been recording and performing music since immigrating from Jamaica to Canada over thirty years ago back in 1985. Turner has claimed that chant and stomp is a lucky charm that he uses whenever the team needs to hit a few three-pointers.

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