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Raptors Fans Will Get Their Own NBA Championship Rings At Tuesday's Game

20,000 replica rings will be handed out to fans!
Toronto Raptors Home Opener Will See Fans Receive Replica Championship Ring

If this isn't the best way to thank Raptors fans, then we don't know what is. Any fan who got the lucky chance to score tickets to the Toronto Raptors home opener against the New Orleans Pelicans will get their very own replica of the players' own championship rings. Fans are even calling this the "greatest Raptors giveaway" and to be honest, they're probably right.

After bringing home Canada's first NBA title, this is definitely the right way to thank the fans who have been by the franchise's side for years in the dark.

Raptors open their season against the Pelicans on Tuesday night, October 22.

And Josh Lewenburg, a Toronto Raptors TSN reporter, tweeted on Friday, October 18 to let fans know to arrive early on opening night in order to watch all the glory of the celebrations.

"As some of my colleagues have noted: if you're going to Tuesday night's opener, be there early! Ceremony (banner, rings, etc.) is scheduled to begin just after 7:15pm. All fans in attendance will receive an exact replica of the rings Raptors players are getting," said Lewenburg.

Fans are obviously really excited to get their very own version of the rings. According to the Globe and Mail, 20,000 rings will be handed out to fans attending, so everybody should get one.

If you didn't get the chance to buy tickets for the opening night, don't worry!

You'll have a chance to win tickets and even get a chance to celebrate one more time at Nathan Phillips Square.

If you're trying to get last-minute tickets, there are still seats available if you're willing to pay more then $200 on Ticketmaster. To be honest, we reckon many fans would pay pretty much anything to get their hands on a ring.

If you're not one of the lucky fans who can make it to Scotiabank Arena for the game itself, though, there's a wide range of bars in downtown Toronto that are perfect for watching the Raptors do their stuff.

A Championship film and a championship ring on the same night. This is basically Raptors Christmas for those fans who will be lucky enough to attend.

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