Canadians across the country are getting ready for a very big game tonight. Whether Raptors fans are braving terrible weather in Jurassic Park, crowding around busy sports bars, cozying up on their sofas, or cheering on the team in Oakland, this is it. It’s happening and fans are hoping for the Toronto Raptors in 6ix

Game 6 is underway tonight, as the Raptors go head to head with the Golden State Warriors once again. A win for the Raptors will cement their current lead in the series, and the team will be crowned NBA champions, making history in the process. This could be the first time in history that a non-US team has won an NBA Final and Canadian fans are feeling confident!

Despite a heartbreakingly close loss to the Warriors on Monday, when the Raptors lost out by just one point in the final few seconds of the game, fans remain positive as the team goes into Game 6.

Along with the usual Raptors hashtags that are taking over the internet tonight, including #WeTheNorth, #Game6 and #GoRaptorsGo!, there is a new trending hashtag, and it shows just how confident people in Canada are for Game 6.

Fans of the Raptors have made it clear on Twitter that they are ready for a win tonight, and don't want to have to wait until Game 7 to take home the championship. It has already been a stomach-churning, nail-biting week for Canadian basketball fans, many of whom are just ready to get this thing done. 

One user said "Have to say we don't want a #Game7 so will say it again #RaptorsIn6ix!" and another said "To all the Raptors fans wanting to see a Game 7 so we can win at home...HELLZ NO! Lets wrap this up tonite! My heart and my liver cant take this anymore!"

Confidence in the team can be seen across the board on social media tonight, as fans across the country have also been taking to Twitter and Instagram to share their fan photos under the hashtag #RaptorsIn6ix.

Other Canadian basketball fans have been sharing a selection of brilliant memes to express their excitement for the potentially-historic game tonight.

Let's hope this strong confidence and positivity online is felt by our players in Oakland tonight, the country is behind you Raptors!