While the Toronto Raptors have been taking over the 6ix since their NBA Championship last year, the team is still continuing to achieve Toronto records. During Wednesday night's game against the Pacers, the beloved group was able to set a new franchise record, with a 12-game winning streak. However, this isn't the only record they broke.

According to the NBA, the basketball heroes also achieved the longest winning streak by any pro-sports team in the city. Beating out Toronto's famous baseball team the Blue Jays, the Raptors now hold the title of Toronto's greatest. 

The Blue Jays originally held the record for the longest winning streak with 11 consecutive wins back in 2015. However, it now looks like Toronto has a new team in town. 

After a tight game with the Pacers, the 2019 NBA Champions were able to win the game by a nail-biting 119-118 after Ibaka scored in the last 30 seconds of the game. 

Once the team was able to pull off the record-breaking win, the stadium went wild. 

"We've said this before during this win streak, we haven't played great all the time but we keep finding a way and that's a heck of a characteristic to have," coach Nick Nurse told CBC.

"Tonight we weren't very good and they were very good. They were awesome, they were cutting and flying and moving and hustling and guarding and physical and all the things you can be and they were trying to knock us out — and we wouldn't quite go away and luckily we hung in there and pulled one off."

Of course, with Ibaka's three-pointer winning the game, he also had something to say about the record. 

"We keep our composure during the game," Ibaka stated to CBC.

"We've been there before, even in playoffs. So we have that mindset of never give up, we keep trusting each other and we don't point fingers. When things go bad, we stay together, and I think that's what makes us very special."

However, this isn't the only record that the Raptors have been able to break on their rise to champions. 

Just last week, Lowry celebrated after he became Toronto's all-time assist leader

After the 33-year-old player won the record, he was caught adorably celebrating with his teammates. 

The Raptors are set to get back on the court on Friday as they face off against the Pacers.