Ibaka Stormed Off During A Raptors Group Interview After Lowry Mentioned 'Art' (VIDEO)

Don't talk about art around Serge.
Ibaka Stormed Off During A Raptors Group Interview After Lowry Mentioned 'Art' (VIDEO)

When it comes to fashion and art, no one on the Raptors team knows better than Serge Ibaka. Well, according to the man himself, at least. During a Toronto Raptors SLAM interview, things got heated between Ibaka and some of his teammates when the eternal "art" debate was brought up by Kyle Lowry.

In the YouTube video uploaded on March 18, Ibaka was joined by teammates OG Anunoby, Fred VanVleet, Lowry, Norman Powell, and Pascal Siakam in a show called "Point 'Em Out" presented by SLAM.

The aim is to point out who is most likely to do certain things. But one question seemed to rub Ibaka the wrong way.

In the video, filmed before the COVID-19 outbreak became a global pandemic and shut down all sporting operations, the team was asked: "Who is most likely to get roasted because of their outfit?"

Without hesitation, Lowry and Powell pointed at both Ibaka and Serge's fashion nemesis, OG. When asked why, KLow said it was because they think they're artists.

Immediately, Serge jumped up and demanded respect from his teammates for his style.

The rest of the players burst out into laughter. Serge, as you might have come to expect, wasn't having any of it.

He took off his mic and began to light-heartedly storm off, apparently intent on leaving the interview until his teammates agreed he truly does make art.

Lowry couldn't help himself, though. "Elementary school art," he joked.

An appeased Ibaka returns, but not without hammering home his point, much to Siakam's delight.

Lowry and Powell aren't the only ones to have an opinion on Ibaka's outfit choices, though.

Ibaka recently shared that ex-teammate Kawhi Leonard called him out for his Paris Fashion Week fit through text.

But fashion wasn't even the only thing Serge got picked on during the interview.

Just a minute into the clip, his teammates voted him as the person who would be left behind by the team bus. And, Lowry, who seems keen to piss off Serge as much as possible, calls it an easy question.


The entire video can be seen here, and believe us when we say it's worth your time.