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Former NBA Star Reveals Why Players Like Kawhi Don't Stay In Toronto Very Long

This could be why Toronto struggles to keep stars on its roster.
Former NBA Star Reveals Why Players Like Kawhi Don't Stay In Toronto Very Long

There's something about the 6ix that keeps certain NBA players from making long-term commitments. Kawhi Leonard proved this to be true when he ditched the Toronto Raptors during free agency, despite the fact that the city gave him a championship ring and treated him like royalty. It was a shock to fans when he left, but should it have been?

Indeed, Canada's only basketball team has struggled to keep NBA stars in the north. So, what is it about us that gives some players cold feet? Well, according to former NBA star Gilbert Arenas, the answer to that question all comes down to how these players are growing up.

“Raptors being in Canada is hard for American players. You gotta remember, most kids are coming from the hood, that this is where my family, friends are. So, me going all the way to another country, my friends, family can’t get there,” Arenas said during an interview with FanaticsView.

Arenas' perspective was one that fans didn't totally seem to reject:

Of course, it wouldn't be an NBA debate without a little squabbling:

So, according to Arenas, Kawhi's last words to Toronto were basically, "it's not you, it's me." He was giving us an old break- up line that never really softens the blow. However, at least we know that we did all that we could.

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