Toronto Raptors Reportedly Want Tristan Thompson But Fans Are So Not Here For It

"Sorry, Raptors, it's a no from us."

The Toronto Raptors roster is managing pretty well in its current form. But the franchise is nevertheless reportedly keen to add a homegrown talent to its ranks. Talk of a Toronto Raptors-Tristan Thompson deal is intensifying, but it seems fans are less than keen to see the Brampton-born star come aboard.

According to a report by Sports Illustrated's Sam Amico, Thompson, whose Cleveland Cavaliers contract is expiring, is interesting the Raptors.

"Opposing teams are expected to make serious runs at Tristan Thompson and Jordan Clarkson, both players with expiring contracts. Toronto is said to have a high interest in Thompson," reports Amico.

Thompson, who left Brampton to attend prep school in the U.S., has been with the Cavaliers his entire NBA career since being drafted in 2011.

While having another Canadian on the team might seem appealing, Raptors fans have taken to social media to express their views on the goss.

And, in fact, it seems most of them are saying "thanks, but no thanks."

One of the biggest concerns over the talk appears to be what the Raptors might have to give up in order to land Thompson.

According to Sportsnet, the Raps would likely be forced to sacrifice a key piece such as Marc Gasol or Serge Ibaka to facilitate the move.

Gasol and Ibaka, incidentally, are pretty popular in the 6ix for both their on-court showings and their celebratory boozing and snappy fashion sense, respectively.

Sportsnet added that if the Raptors don't want to give up Marc or Serge, they'd more likely include Norman Powell or Fred VanVleet in any deal.

And that thought has not gone down well with fans on social media.

"Definitely not including FVV in any trade," wrote one user. "The winning mindset FVV brings day in and day out is intangible," says one fan in response to the idea of trading Fred.

"Raptors are a drama-free team," says another. "Don't need alla that."

If you're not sure what kind of drama that might refer to, Keeping Up With The Kardashians viewers will be happy to fill you in.

So, that's a "no, thank you" then?

Maybe it's for the best this doesn't materialize. After all, we can't imagine Nick Nurse's brutally honest coaching style, would leave much room for Thompson's tendency to attract off-court headlines.

Thompson is not the only player being linked with the Raptors. Rumours have also suggested former hero DeMar DeRozan could be landing back in the 6ix.

Raptors die-hards couldn't believe that talk, and they seem pretty opposed to Thompson's potential arrival, too.

If the Thompson rumour proves to be true, it seems the team might face some resistance from fans.

Fans will certainly be Keeping Up with the speculation, anyway.

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