Leading up to Game 6, fans from all over Ontario gathered at Jurassic Park to cheer on the Raptors in a game that they hoped would move the team into the finals. As groups of people pilled onto the streets to watch the game of the century, nerves were high and the excitement was real. The nerves continued throughout the night until the final buzzer went off and the Raptors won the game that would bring them to the finals. Chaos exploded on the streets of Toronto for the Raptors win as fans piled onto the streets, jumping onto buses and even cop cars to celebrate the win. 

For the first time in history, the Raptors will be moving onto the NBA finals after beating the Bucks in a nailbiting game at 100-94. The excitement of this first time achievement was real and Torontonians partied throughout the night throughout downtown Toronto. 

As the crazy scene broke out throughout the city, many Twitter users posted videos of mobs of people running through the streets to celebrate the win that was well deserved by the Toronto Raptors. A sea of fans were chanting "We the North" and "Let's Go Raptors" as they crowded the streets, stopped traffic, and even celebrated by jumping onto the top of TTC buses, cop cars and transport trucks. 

One Twitter user even posted a video that showcased some drivers lighting fireworks off from their car, while driving down the street after the winning game. 

It's safe to say that the entire city of Toronto shut down as fans from all over the city rushed outside to the streets to celebrate a historic win from the Raptors. 

The city will only have a few days to rest as the first Raptors are hosting the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA finals this Thursday. I can only imagine the scene of Jurassic Park when the Raptors *hopefully* win the championships. 

We the North!