Relationships are all different and no two couples are the same.

And while that may be true, there are still shared milestones that every relationship has in common: the first time they sees you without makeup, the first time you say ILY, the first time you meet their parents, and so on.

But as always, living in Toronto means that your relationship will have it's own "Toronto-only" milestones. Those first time moments that prove that you and bae truly are Toronto relationship goals. How many of these have you already experienced?

1. The first time he gives up his seat for you in the TTC.

Because lets be honest, no Torontonian gives up their seat without some internal conflict.

 2. The first time you go to the CN tower together.

Because you're not above doing touristy things as a couple. You love your city and don't care who knows it!

 3. The first time you choose staying in with your S/O over spending your Friday night out on King St.

Congrats! You have officially conquered FOMO.

 4. The first time you go to Sotto Sotto.

Because clearly you're there celebrating a big relationship milestone. 1 year anniversary perhaps?

 5. The first time you go to the Christmas Market and aren't annoyed by all the cute couples.

Because all of a sudden you realize YOU'RE a cute couple too!

 6. The first time you go to a Jay's game and you actually know whats going on because he explained it to you.

Because this shows that you're willing to learn about his interests too.

 7.  The first time his condo's concierge remembers your name because you're over so often.

Maybe one day this will be your concierge too...hmmmmm.

 8. The first time you leave Toronto together.

Because the true testament of a real relationship is if it can survive outside of the safety of our beloved city.