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Toronto Renters Are The Least Happy In Canada Due To "Unsuitable" Living Arrangements

Hamilton and Vancouver don't fall far behind.
Toronto Renters Are The Least Happy With Their Apartments In All Of Canada

If you find that living in Toronto can be stressful and disappointing, you aren't alone. Stats Canada just dropped a survey on housing in Canada, and the results are in from 2018. The survey found that Toronto renters are the least likely to be happy in their living situation out of everyone in Canada.  Rent is through the roof and apartments are getting older and also more expensive every year throughout the city. The newer condos which are massively under construction all over the city have dropped in size and often offer a few hundred square feet of living space on average.While the survey found that 77% of Torontonians are happy with their dwelling, these numbers took into account homeowners as well as renters. Overall, Toronto still received the lowest score in all of Canada.

According to the same survey, only 61% of Torontonians renters living in multiple unit dwellings are happy with their living situation. Quebec, on the other hand, states that a whopping 87.8% of people are happy with their housing.However, Torontonians seem to be happy with the city itself. 82.5% of people living in the city said they are happy with their neighbourhood. 

This chart shows overall housing satisfaction in Canadian Metropolitan Areas (CMAs). As you can see, Toronto is at the bottom of the list for renters. Satisfaction levels for Toronto renters just barely pass 60%.

Out of the 10 largest metropolitan areas in the country, Torontonians were the most likely to be living in "unsuitable" living arrangements compared to other Canadians in metropolitan areas, according to Statistics Canada. 10.8% of Toronto households were reported "unsuitable" compared to only 3.2% in Quebec. 

As you can see, Toronto renters are the least happy people in the country when it comes to the affordability of their homes, Statistics Canada found. So although Torontonians are generally happy with the city, they are paying an arm and a leg just to live there.The average rent for a one-bedroom in Toronto right now is $2,300, according to the Toronto Star

Vancouver and Hamilton don't fall far behind Toronto when it comes to the least happy renters in Canada. 

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