Toronto Restaurants Are Getting Locked Out & Evicted Because They Can’t Make Rent

Toronto businesses are still struggling.
Toronto Staff Writer
Toronto Restaurant Closures Are Being Reported As Landlords Change Locks

It looks like the city may be saying goodbye to more of its beloved restaurants. Some of the 6ix's most unique and popular eateries are reporting that they have been locked out of their businesses for being behind on rent. Tenants are accusing their landlords of being "unempathetic" as more Toronto Restaurant closures are reported.  

As restaurants remain closed to the public, many establishments are relying on takeout to help them through these trying times. 

However, it seems that is still not enough to keep some of these restaurants afloat. 

Pretty Ugly, a Parkdale cocktail bar, revealed to the Toronto Star earlier this month that it was facing issues with its landlords. 

The bar, which is located at 1237 Queen Street W., reportedly had its locks changed by its landlord after falling behind on rent.

Grant Van Gameren, an owner, was warned in a notice that items in the bar would be removed and sold to help pay off the rent if payment was not received.

Tokyo Hot Fried Chicken, formerly located at 365 King Street W., found itself involved in a legal battle after its owner was locked out of the business.

The landlord alleged to the Toronto Sun that the business had been "behind on rent for years."

However, Jordan Harasinski Gillis, the owner of the popular chicken spot, took to Facebook on April 30 to tell his side of the story.

In the post, Harasinski Gillis claims he was never behind on rent.

Other Toronto establishment to face similar legal battles included The Shore Leave and GarfieldEATS.

GarfieldEATS, a cartoon-themed restaurant in Toronto's Bloorcourt neighbourhood, issued a press release on May 22 in which it revealed its struggles of dealing with an "unempathetic landlord."

Restaurant owner Nathen Marzi alleged in the release that his business was destroyed after he and staff were locked out of the building on May 20.

Thankfully, an update was posted by Marzi on Twitter last Friday in which he revealed that the dispute had been resolved, and the unique eatery was once again open for business.

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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