Are you and your significant other the type of couple who crave adventure? Would you rather spend the day exploring the unknown than going through the same old dinner-and-a-movie routine? Then this Toronto scavenger hunt app is calling your names!

Whether you've been together for years or you're still getting to know each other, you can give date night a serious makeover with Let's Roam.

The app offers fun and unique date-night hunts that lead you to hidden city gems, the best bars, and you can even discover haunted places you didn't know existed! Group hunts are also available, as well as a wide number of customizable city hunts.

The app is free to download and each hunt is pretty cheap, too! So, if wanderlust has got the best of you and your love, simply download the app, grab a rechargeable battery pack for your phone, and hit the town for a totally unique date night in Toronto.

The basic date night hunt takes you to the same landmarks as the standard Let's Roam hunt, which currently operates in more than 400 cities worldwide. However, it comes with a spicy romantic twist, explains Director of Marketing Emily Byer.

"The scavenger hunt is still focused on the landmarks and cool spots that you will visit, but the Date Night theme weaves in the photo challenges and trivia to make it more relatable on the date level."

Couples can expect steamy photo challenges. They include "lips are 100 times more sensitive than your fingertips. Pucker up and take a photo showing sensitivity with your date!" and "the average human spends one hour a month hugging. Grab your date and take a photo giving them a tight squeeze!"

For a more personal touch, you can request custom scavenger hunts, where the questions become couple-specific.

This may seem like a big leap, but if you're ready for marriage, Let's Roam can even be used to pop the question.

"We do offer customizations for private events to make the hunt more about the specific date, group date, or we can even do proposal and engagement hunts," Byer says. "On those, we can modify the types of questions to be more about dating/relationships, or even specific questions about the couple."

The Toronto hunts can lead you to a variety of bars, hidden city gems, and even spooky haunted places! All of them are designed to get participants engaged and excited about their city, says Byer.

"Our scavenger hunts are designed to help people explore and connect in their city. Each hunt goes to historical landmarks, noteworthy locations, and public art while answering trivia questions and completing photo challenges.

"The bar hunts are designed to lead participants to various bars in the city, again, engaging in adventure and exploration with trivia and photo challenges. The ghost hunt takes participants on a frightful tour through hidden haunts in Toronto."

There is also a dining aspect to the app that will guide you to the best places to eat, even offering discounts. Unfortunately, this is currently only available in the USA. That said, the app is constantly adding more activities, and there are plans to expand the dining discounts Byer says.

"We are also continually adding scavenger hunts, as well. We currently have over 450 hunts in more than 400 cities. We add eight to 10 new hunts each month based on customer interest and research on city popularity, as well as research on populated areas where we can uncover hidden treasures, unique facts or showcase public art in an organized scavenger hunt."

Let's Roam Toronto

Price: Starting at $12.99

When: Year-round

Address: Over 400 available cities 

Why You Need To Go: You and bae can explore the city in ways you never have before. Uncover hidden gems while engaging in romantic photo challenges, conversation starters, trivia, and more. Get intimate with your S/O and your city!