Toronto Could Be Limiting Sidewalks To One-Way Traffic To Help Practice Social Distancing

We could be getting one-way sidewalks!
Toronto Sidewalks Could Be Limited To A Single Direction To Help Social Distancing

When it comes to practicing social distancing, it can sometimes be hard to stay away from other pedestrians on busy Toronto sidewalks. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, city officials have announced that they're looking for a solution to eliminate sidewalk traffic during the lockdown. Mayor John Tory reveals that one answer may be to limit sidewalks to be walked on in one direction. 

Tory announced on Monday morning that he was considering implementing a new rule that would have city sidewalks operate in single directions.

In an interview with CP24, he stated "There is an idea that has been put to me of one-way sidewalks, meaning that northbound would be on one side and southbound on the other side. The thing is I don’t know how you police that but maybe you can put up some signage. I am not adverse to that if it is proving to be a problem in given areas.

"If there are places in the city where there is real congestion on sidewalks, I would ask people to call 311 because we need that information in order to make a decision about something like one-way sidewalks," he added.

The shocking new possibility comes as the City's enforcement team continues to crack down on residents who fail to social distance themselves.

Toronto's parks and its other outdoor facilities were shut down and taped off earlier this month, a method that has proven to be somewhat unimportant to some residents who have continued to flock to the areas.

In fact, the City announced that it issued 48 tickets on Saturday. However, it also reveals that it has noticed a reduced amount of gatherings. 

"Municipal Licensing & Standards (MLS) officers issued 48 tickets for the use of closed park amenities and not practicing physical distancing – 32 percent of the total number of tickets issued since enforcement began nine days ago on April 3," read a statement from the City of Toronto.

The City also issued an advisory via Twitter on Saturday, warning residents that they could be fined $1,000 if they're caught standing too close together in parks or public squares. 

Patrick John Gilson
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