Toronto Is Getting 80 New Skyscrapers Which Will Break Records As Some Of The Tallest In Canada

Toronto's new skyscrapers are going to break records.
Toronto Is Getting 80 New Skyscrapers Which Will Break Records As Some Of The Tallest In Canada

Toronto has slowly been morphing into New York City for several years now and the ever-growing city continues to solidify its reputation as one of the greatest in the world. According to a new report by The Guardian, many of the Toronto skyscrapers under construction will be among the tallest in the country. The report claims that 80 high-rise towers are planned for construction in the city. When all said and done, the towers will reportedly double the number of city's tallest buildings.

These aren't just your average skyscrapers either - some of the towers set to be built in Toronto will be over 300 meters in height, reports The Guardian. Canada's tallest building (aside from the CN Tower) is First Canadian Place, which towers over Toronto at 298 meters. So not only will Toronto smash new records, but it will be smashing them several times over.

I happened to live down the street from the building set to be the country's tallest new building. The One, a.k.a 1 Bloor West, is still under construction. But the condo is set to be 306 meters once it is complete in 2023.

The Guardian points out that “80 new residential and mixed-use skyscraper projects are in various stages of development, 31 of which already have a completion date set,” according to real estate listing site Point2 Homes.

You read that right. There are 80 new skyscrapers in development right now, which means Toronto could look drastically different over the course of the next decade or so. According to the report, Toronto is currently ranked 17th for cities with the most skyscrapers in a concentrated area. These developments could bump Toronto's further up the list, among the top ten cities like Shanghai, Dubai and Tokyo.

Following the development of the new towers, 31 of which are already locked into specific timeframes, Toronto will rocket up to the 10th place.

It's probably not that surprising to most that Toronto is in for more construction. Last year it was discovered that Toronto had more construction cranes than anywhere else in the world, 97 to be exact. Toronto is also facing something of a housing crisis, to which Doug Ford has already come up with a solution - just build more homes. It looks like that may actually be the plan. 

Patrick John Gilson
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