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Toronto Snow Video Shows GTA Man Attempting To Thaw Driveway With Flamethrower

This is one way to get rid of the deep freeze! Well, to try to get rid of it, anyway. A Markham man was spotted trying to beat the unwanted white fluffy stuff through a less-than-traditional method: a flamethrower. A Toronto snow video shows one bold resident trying to prove that when it comes to melting snow, there ain't no fire like blowtorch fire. 

With Ontario enduring its latest wave of winter storm weather this weekend, people were left to cope as best they could. 

A wide range of methods of dealing with the cold was on show, but this one might just take the cake.

The mystery Markham man was spotted sporting his personal snow-blasting device on Saturday, January 18. And we can thank this person's neighbour, resident Ali Mohammed, for capturing the moment on video.

"We just finished shovelling the snow and got back inside when we heard the snowplow plowing our street," Ali told Narcity.

"He blocked our driveway and we were about to go outside when I heard this noise."

This is when Mohammed witnessed his neighbour using a flamethrower to get rid of whatever snow he had on his property.

The video, provided to Narcity, can be seen below.

In the footage, the man can be seen with a small propane tank connected to a blowtorch or similar device, aimed right at his blocked drive.

"I look outside and my neighbour was just standing there with his flamethrower going at it," says Mohammed."He didn't get it melted as his wife came later and convinced him that wasn't going to work, so he shovelled instead."

We reckon his wife was probably the voice of reason here, to be honest. After all, the flamethrower didn't seem to be making much progress.

The majority of southern Ontario was completely obliterated with a huge snowstorm on January 18-19 that left some areas in almost whiteout conditions.

Many residents are complaining the City of Toronto's snow removal left a lot to be desired this time around.

While a flamethrower was a particularly unusual way of going about it, people across the province all needed to dig themselves out this weekend.

The storm was so intense that it caused hundreds of crashes across the GTA. In fact, Toronto is still struggling to clean up the white mess left behind by that snowmaggedon. 

Plenty of people, like Mr. Flamethrower, don't seem to know how to cope with the wild weather and have found themselves in odd situations.

He wasn't the only one to attempt to do something with the snow. One guy decided to honour the Toronto Raptors' Pascal Siakam with a replica sculpture of the man himself.

And of course, it could always be worse. The 6ix didn't get anywhere near the amount of snowfall that Newfoundland has been dealing with. Because that has been legitimately crazy.

However, for this one guy in Markham, even Toronto's snow meant war — safety be damned. It does beg one question, though. Who has a flamethrower lying around?

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