If you feel like you still got time to brace yourself for Toronto’s snowfall, you might want to start evaluating your life goals. According to The Weather Network, the GTA is expected to be hit with anywhere between 5-10 cm of snow next week as we slowly begin to drift into those long, dark, and lonely winter months.

"The northern edge of this system is expected to extend into southern Ontario and southern Quebec and bring widespread snow later Monday through Monday night," explained Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

"But we have the potential for snow totals to reach 5-10 cm along the 401 corridors, including the Greater Toronto Area. If this system shifts further to the south, then snow totals will be much lower,” he added.

So, what causes our weather to go from semi-nice to full-on awful in such a short period of time?

Well, according to Environment Canada, dangerous snowstorms are expected to push across parts of southern Ontario this weekend with as much 40 cm of snowfall predicted to be left behind in its wake.

Thankfully, the worse of it is supposed to calm down by the time next week rolls around. However, scattered flurries will persist.

And if you think 10 cm sounds rough, you should count your lucky stars that you aren’t’ living in London, Ontario. The city was hit by nearly 20 cm of snow this Friday with reports of “incredibly dangerous” snowstorms hitting the area early this morning.

How bad can these snow squalls really be? Well, at one-point, visibility dropped to near zero, so yeah, not exactly optimal driving conditions because people tend to drive a lot better when they can see.

Thankfully, it's not going to be nearly as bad in Toronto. As long you layer up and drive cautiously you should be able to manage the weather, if not you could always move to Florida, I hear the winters there are magical.

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