Police Broke Up A Bunch Of Toronto Gatherings & Sports Games On Monday

The city got 385 social distancing complaints on April 6.
Toronto Social Distancing Complaints Hit Nearly 400 On Monday Alone

Some people still don't get it. As the city tries to enforce good practices, Toronto social distancing complaints have been coming in thick and fast during the first few days of April. In fact, nearly 400 complaints were made on Monday, April 6 alone as police had to break up large gatherings and outdoor sports games.

Parks and public areas across the city have been closed down in recent days as a direct result of health advice aimed at flattening the COVID-19 curve.

But, according to a statement by the City of Toronto, 385 complaints were made on April 6 due to people nevertheless still going to closed parks or otherwise not practicing social distancing.

It adds that the Municipal Licensing & Standards spoke to 848 people specifically about park closures and distancing.

12 people were handed tickets on Monday, the highest number issued by MLS in a single day since Ontario's first outbreak.

And the city statement offers some alarming insight into what exactly non-complying residents have been doing to breach orders.

"Yesterday, officers intervened to respond to a large gathering in the off-leash area of Windfields Park, a ball hockey game in the Sorauren Park Town Square, soccer and basketball games at Regent Park Athletic Grounds, and a 40-person gathering at the Stan Wadlow Park skateboard park," reads the statement.

That's right, a 40-person gathering.

That's despite the fact that last week, Toronto Mayor John Tory announced that failing to maintain a two-metre buffer zone in city parks and squares could result in fines of up to $5,000.

At the moment, the city clarifies, enforcement will continue to focus on locations and instances of greater activity.

Meanwhile, as for businesses in Toronto, MLS had received 55 complaints due to non-essential businesses remaining open.

Since March 24, it has issued notices to 34 non-essential businesses.

As the month of April began last week and more spring-like conditions arrived, people had started being ticketed all across the province in line with stronger measures amid the emergency orders in Ontario.

However, despite city, medical, and law enforcement staff all consistently asking people not to go to parks, hundreds of people were turned away at both High Park and Bluffers Park this weekend.

This coming weekend, of course, marks a whole range of religious celebrations and, as such, a three-day break for much of Ontario.

It remains to be seen whether residents will wise up to the risks of not social distancing, but it seems likely that police will be out in force again.

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