Toronto's Officially Getting 50 Speed Cameras By The End Of This Year

This will support the city's vision of zero pedestrian deaths.
Toronto's Officially Getting 50 Speed Cameras By The End Of This Year

Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras are set to occupy Toronto school zones in the near future in a bid to slow down speeding drivers. The necessary regulations are still being worked out, and include details such as the effective signage and violation fees, according to a statement by the city of Toronto. The Toronto speed cameras will capture the license plates and speed of any vehicle that violates the speed limit near school or community zones.

"The cameras will capture images of offending vehicles (and their rear licence plates), as well as their measured speed. Violation amounts from ASE cameras will be set by the provincial government," states the city's news release.

So far, it is estimated that there will be two cameras per ward installed, with a grand total of 50 across the city. Current plans reveal that the cameras will be fully installed by December 2019.

The installations are set to be complete on local, collector and arterial roads near schools and communities. The locations of the cameras will be determined by speed and collision data from the City. 

The violation amounts with be determined by Schedule D of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. Speeds of 50 kilometres or more over the speed limit will not be eligible for settlement outside of court. 

The beginnings of this initiative were brought into effect earlier this year as part of the Automated Speed Enforcement Initiative against distracted driving. This is an extension of the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan, where "the City's vision is zero road deaths and injury in Toronto streets." In the last five years, 196 pedestrians and 16 cyclists were killed in collisions on the road with vehicles. 

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