As a Torontonian, you get pretty used to seeing strange things while strolling through the city. It's not uncommon to see street performances dressed entirely in gold and cartoon characters playing the drums, especially in the downtown core. However, those types of folks usually don't dangle off buildings cleaning windows - well, unless they're Toronto Spiderman, of course.

Yup, your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman was seen scaling the side of 134 Peter Street this Tuesday. Whether it was Peter Parker or not is still up for debate.

However, guessing by how comfortable the person washing the windows seemed up there, I would say it's possible it was the very web-slinger himself.

So, why was Spidey cleaning windows instead of fighting crime?

Because of dropping crime rates? Because Toronto's rent is so high for millennials that even Spiderman needs a part-time job?

Nope! According to Touchwood PR, the wall-crawler was there to promote FAN EXPO Canada's 25th anniversary!

The Expo, which is known to host hundreds of Spiderman lookalikes amongst other comic characters, is set to run August 22-25 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

"It’s a celebration of all things pop culture from comic book to movies to TV and beyond. Celebrities, cosplayers, everything to do with pop culture from Star Trek to Star Wars and everything in between," said Senior Show Manager Sharon Donaldson during an interview with CityNews.

Anyone interested in meeting the voice of their favourite anime character or even just their go-to character on The Office should head down to the Convention Centre this month.

It's sure to be a good time! I mean it has to be good, right?They have Spiderman doing promo for them, after all!