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5 Fantastic Toronto Food Spots To Eat For Under $5

Two food.
5 Fantastic Toronto Food Spots To Eat For Under $5

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It's that moment when all you have is a $5 bill yet you still want a four course meal.

When you have pennies yet you want oysters.

When you're wearing rags yet you're craving caviar.

Maybe that's a tad extreme, maybe you're more realistic than me. Whateva. Still, the point is you only have $5 and you want some food.

Let this list guide thee.

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Photo cred - jasminehon

El Furniture Warehouse

410 Bloor Street West

The newest addition to the Annex, this spot boasts decent size meals all under $4.95. Though the drinks are priced normally, this is probably one of the cheapest places for food in the city. Premium dive bar atmosphere, this placed is owned by a couple of ex-skateboarders/snowboarders.

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Banh Mi Boys

392 Queen Street West

The unofficial subway of Vietnam, the steamed bao is off the hook at this place. Oh and it’s only $3.49 for a pork belly bao. Topped with pickled daikon and luck sauce, this is some serious eating right here.

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416 Snack Bar

181 Bathurst Street

Though the menu is meant for sharing so the portion are on the smaller side, everything on this menu is super delicious. Pre-eat some super cheap kraft dinner from home then come here and indulge in some $5 Korean fried chicken or a $5 miso kale salad.

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1475 The Queensway

Yupp, I just did that. I suggested you go eat at Ikea. One-buck breakfast is on folks get it while its hot. Okay maybe you just spent a million dollars on a couch but at least you can indulge in a really cheap meal after right?

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Rose City Kitchen

406 Queen Street West

Serving up some delicious mediterranean sandwiches, the halloumi cheese is an absolute must try. The damage on that one is a whopping $5, though they do recommend you get at least two. Choose from a variety of toppings including the Egyptian (eggplant, red onions, chickpeas, dates, cabbage, lemon juice, olive oil)) the Moroccan (harissa dressing, cous cous, shredded lettuce, red onion, apricots, almond, chick peas) to name a few. Serious, serious eats people.

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South Indian Dosa Mahal

1262 Bloor Street West

Rumoured to have life changes samosa, this place boast the cheapest Indian food in town, though they don’t sacrifice quality at all. The vegetable roti stands at a whopping $2.50 and is a great portion of food for the price. Also notable...2 pakoras and 1 samosa costs $1...thats $1. Wow I think life just got better. I think that’s what just happened.

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