With all the shows and concerts cancelled over COVID-19, radio stations need to be more creative than ever to fill in for all those free concert tickets they used to give away. One radio host decided to go with the flow, and it's paying off big time. A Toronto station's "tickets to nothing" are blowing up and getting callers everywhere excited over nothing.

For 102.1 The Edge radio host Kevin Getz, their regular contests and ticket giveaways are a highlight of his night. Even with all the concerts and shows getting cancelled, he wasn't going to quit.

"I really enjoy contests so I needed to come up with a prize to give away," he told Narcity.

"So the tickets to nothing kind of just started out. The joke is I got nothing to give away so I'm gonna give away nothing."

Instead of tickets to Post Malone or Rihanna, he's giving one lucky winner a pair of front-row tickets to absolutely nothing every show. These custom tickets come with seat numbers and everything, including a working barcode. Plus, if you scan it, you'll get a little surprise, he said.

And the weird part about all this? People were loving it.

The reception has been "really, really good," said Getz. "When I go on air and I say hey I'm giving away two tickets to nothing, call in to win, the phone lines light up every single night."

"Some people say they actually want them for their ticket collection, which is cool, they're kind of a souvenir of lockdown," said Getz.

"Somebody called me last night saying that their daughter has been bugging them to try and win them tickets to nothing."

This is no giveaway; listeners must call in and play games to earn their tickets. There's one game, for example, where listeners try to stay on hold the longest, with the winner taking home the prize.

Getz said someone stayed on the line for three and a half hours to win nothing.

For Getz, he said he's gotten tons of responses from emails to reaction videos. It's "great to see" a small joke grow into something that made so many listeners laugh or feel happy, he continued.

"It's kind of a dumb joke that's created real joy."