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The World's Largest Sticker Store Just Opened In Toronto And We're OBSESSED

You can even make your own custom stickers!
The World's Largest Sticker Store Just Opened In Toronto And We're OBSESSED

StickerYou is a Toronto-based company that started off selling their custom stickers online. They have managed to become a leader in the world of custom stickers, and they just opened a massive store at 677-679 Queen Street near Bathurst called StickerYou: The Store. The Toronto StickerYou store is the world's largest sticker store and you can't miss out on the trippy interior and products.

StickerYou is essentially a sticker explosion from the inside out. It has a gallery-esque vibe when you walk into a wall full of sticker art. The store is an interactive experience for customers, with a sticker art museum that lets you know the history of stickers and their cultural impact, and a customer experience centre, where you can go through the stickers and check out the hundreds and hundreds of custom designs. 

The store is fully open, but the sticker museum and the custom sticker room are still under construction. StickerYou tells Narcity that they'll be open by the end of this month.*

They also collab with artists who want to turn their art into stickers. You provide the design and they take care of the rest and put it up for sale. You earn 10 percent of each sticker along with a site-wide discount!

StickerYou products are high quality, bubble-free vinyl stickers that are durable indoors or outdoors.“We are proud to open the world’s largest sticker store in Toronto,” said StickerYou founder and CEO Andrew Witkin. “We are excited to give customers the chance to interact with our products and experience the creative potential of stickers for business or personal expression.” 

Here are some custom design examples for your curiosity. The cool thing about this is the opportunity to bring creative ideas to life:

They started off in 2008 using one machine to print the stickers and coded software. Now, they use proprietary die-cut technology to create customized stickers, iron-ons, badges, patches, labels, decals, magnets and more in orders of thousands. And it's all made in Toronto! If you are looking for a new outlet for creative expression, look no further. 

StickerYou Stickers

Sale Price: $3 - $4 per sticker

Why You Need It: Quirky and cute stickers of all kinds to spruce your stuff and brighten your day.

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